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Water leaks in a house are often one of the most commonly occurring and most frequently ignored problems that are noticed by professional plumbers. Many homeowners do not consider the gravity of the situation that could be caused if the leakage is not plugged. However the issues that can be caused as a result of leaking faucets or pipes can be huge.

The first and foremost issue that you are faced with is the amount of water that is wasted. Water is steadily becoming a rare resource and the more it is wasted the more damage it does to the environment. Water that leaks from the pipes or the faucets is not of any use to you and it completely wasted. On an average hundreds of gallons of water can wasted if a leaking pipe is not identified and fixed.

Another further cause of leaking pipes is apparent in the amount of money that you have to pay for water that you do not use. Water bills can run quite high if the water is getting wasted and can end up causing a severe strain on your finances. The constant drip of the water is a huge drain on the water that flows through your pipes and it can even lead to low water pressure.

In addition, water seepage and leakage can also lead to severe structural damage to the building as well. The water that leaks can seep into the foundation and collect over there. The continuous collection of the water can lead to damage to foundation of the building. This can de-stabilize the structure and can cause rot to set into the wood as well, leading to potentially hazardous situation.

Health conditions can also be triggered due to the growth and mildew that occurs because of stagnant water.

Therefore, if you want a respite from these situations then it is important for you to address all these problems before they get out of hand. We, at Orleans Plumbing, are experienced in the handling of such situations and can provide simple solutions for a variety of plumbing issues.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on potential leaks in the house and also carry out regular maintenance with Orleans Plumbing. The benefits you get from Orleans Plumbing are:

  • Immediate response to call
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  • No hidden fees to drive up the prices
  • A simple phone estimate to help you understand the cost of the operation


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